Pillar Technology brings Silicon Valley to Jefferson – media links

Pillar Technology’s Linc Kroeger invited IT business execs to Jefferson on December 8 to see the plans for The Forge -Jefferson renovation in downtown Jefferson and share ideas for bringing more technology jobs to Jefferson and potentially other rural communities.  Here are various media coverage from this historical event.

Silicon execs tell of their plans for Jefferson – Greene County News Online – Dec. 10, 2018

Silicon Valley is betting on one Iowa town’s efforts to bring tech jobs to rural America – Des Moines Register, Dec. 10, 2018

Silicon Valley, California meets Jefferson, Iowa – Raccoon Valley Radio, Dec. 10, 2018

Ben Sands of Costanoa Ventures Twitter post – Dec. 8, 2018

Silicon Valley is betting on one Iowa town’s efforts to bring tech jobs to rural America – Des Moines Register article in USA Today Dec. 10, 2018

California US Congressman supports Jefferson model – Raccoon Valley Radio, Dec. 12, 2018

Rebooting Rural Iowa – Jefferson Herald, Dec. 12, 2018

Nerd Herd will be ready when jobs come – Jefferson Herald, Dec. 12, 2018

Rural America counting on us – Jefferson Herald, Dec. 12, 2018

Khanna bringing revolution to you – Jefferson Herald, Dec. 12, 2018

Silicon Valley in Iowa: Congressman’s fight for technology jobs. The Guardian Dec. 16, 2018

Why Big Tech Congressman is Betting on Iowa . Christian Science Monitor Dec. 19, 2018

Spread the Digital Wealth – by Congressman Ro Khanna for New York Times Opinion page Dec. 30, 2018

City View reprint of Doug Burns article on Ro Khanna  Jan. 2, 2019

Bringing tech careers, not just jobs to rural America  Working Nation, Jan. 3, 2019






Letters to Santa

The Christmas committee has been contacted by Santa Claus asking if they could help him receive letters from area children. Committee members located a mailbox and decorated it for those special letters. Santa’s Mailbox will be positioned near the entrance of the Welcome Center in the Thomas Jefferson Gardens. Children are invited to write their wishes and thoughts for Santa starting December 1 through December 23. Because the letters are hand delivered, they don’t even need a stamp! The children can expect a letter back from Santa if they include a return address. Those attending the Christmas Tree Lighting in the Thomas Jefferson Gardens on Thursday, December 6 may want to bring their letters with them. Even though the kids can visit personally with Santa at the Bell Tower that evening, it is best to have the requests in writing for Santa to get on his list. The Christmas committee is overjoyed to offer this personal service for Santa this year and hope it can continue for years to come.

Angie Reese-Hueser is the chairperson of the Christmas committee and can be contacted for questions about Letters to Santa. This committee is made up of members of Thomas Jefferson Gardens, Jefferson Matters: Main Street, Friends of the Library and Greene County Chamber & Tourism.

Jeff from Jefferson

A new video has hit the internet supporting Jefferson Matters: Main Street in their Investment Drive.  Jeff from Jefferson has gone to the streets to interview people asking, “What has made Jefferson’s downtown so vibrant?”  Various residents have weighed in in their thoughts.  Take a look!

CHS Magazine highlights Jefferson Matters

CHS is a regional cooperative in the Midwest.  The fall issue’s focus is  Leadership in Rural America.  Director Peg Raney was contacted along with several other local leaders contacted for input- Jamie Daubendiek, Chris Deal and Sue Tronchetti.   The article was published the week of Thanksgiving and is available online or a printed copy can be requested.  The cover of the magazine features a photo of Landus Cooperative from the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower’s Paul Nally Observation Deck.

The entire issue is full of great ideas from other communities and well worth the time to read.

Mini Bell Tower to measure Investment Drive progress

The annual Investment Drive for Jefferson Matters: Main Street has kicked off in early November. Donations to the non-profit program help fund the projects and expenses involved in the program for the coming year. The theme of “We Aim High” was selected and a thermometer of the Mahanay Bell Tower was built by volunteer Marc McGinn. Amy & Chris Milligan along with their niece, Taylor Johnston painted the structure and added the bells on top. The tower is now located by the Jefferson Matters: Main Street office at 110 W Lincoln Way. As the donations come in, the tower will be marked to reach the goal of $70,000 pledged for this next year’s programming.

An incentive for getting the investments in before December 31, 2018 is each name will be entered into a drawing for a special meal with Rosie & Ray Tucker in their loft above Sensibly Chic on Lincoln Way. The winner will choose four people to dine with the Tuckers experiencing a meal prepared by Chef D.C. Bland.

Investors to the Main Street program can be individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to support the non-profit program in their mission to strengthen, support and energize Jefferson’s downtown through historic preservation. Jefferson was named a Main Street community in 2012. More information on investments is available on the website at www.jeffersonmatters.org or contact the office at 386-3585 or email director@jeffersonmatters.org