Hanging baskets in downtown

Thanks to a group of 11 Main Street volunteers led by Karen Lawton, Bonnie Silbaugh and Kathy Milligan, the petunia and sweet potato vines were planted in 32 baskets for the downtown.  Design chair Karen Lawton credits the great working relationship with the City of Jefferson for purchasing the plants and supplies through our local […]

Music Straight From the Heart

A fourth rooftop art piece is in progress with Sheryl & Lee Sloan working with local artist Curt Nelson to paint a mural depicting Sheri’s love of music.  The Sloans own the building where John’s Appliance is located on Wilson in Jefferson.  The treble cleff with keyboard will be called “Music Straight From the Heart”.  […]

Party in the Alley (Arch Alley)

The Tower View Team of Jefferson Matters: Main Street invites the public to the third annual Party in the Alley on Friday, June 1 from 5-7 p.m. This year the alley location has changed to the north alley which will be transformed over the next year to Arch Alley. Local alum and artist David Williamson […]

Rockin’ to RAGBRAI public piano

The Rockin’ to RAGBRAI public piano has been painted by local artist Tony Sims at the request of the Tower View Team of Jefferson Matters: Main Street. The committee gave Tony the only direction of the theme of RAGBRAI since Jefferson will be an overnight host on July 23. At the unveiling of the piano […]