Tower View Team Visits Artist’s Studio

The Tower View Team from Jefferson Matters: Main Street took a field trip on Monday, Sept. 17 to Ogden to see artist David Williamson’s studio.  Rancho Weirdo is the name of David’s workspace out on his acreage.  They sa where the arches will be created for Arch Alley. David showed them all the tools, pulley systems and all that […]

Fall Pillar Planters Are Fabulous

A group of volunteers we fondly refer to as Flower Power planted the 12 pillar planters in the downtown.  This effort is led by Karen Lawton and Kathy Milligan of the Design Committee.  They work with Bonnie Silbaugh who owns Fudge’s Flowers in downtown Jefferson.  All plants and materials are purchased in downtown Jefferson.  Many […]

Students enjoy HomeTown Teams exhibit

Students from grades 2-12 in Greene County Community Schools and grades 4-12 from Paton-Churdan enjoyed the HomeTown Teams exhibit.  Retired school staff Jean Van Gilder, Pat Richards, Roger Aegerter, Jan Durlam,  Dianne Piepel, Peg Raney, and Julie Karber served as volunteer hosts for these visits.  An awesome scavenger hunt was created by these teachers to keep […]

U of I Women’s Archive brings 6 on 6 basketball to Jefferson

Small towns across the state came to a halt each winter to take in the mesmerizing game of girls’ six-on-six basketball. It was a sport that captivated thousands and sent scores sky-rocketing over the century mark, creating legends in the smallest of communities. The University of Iowa Women’s Archives is celebrating the impact of six-on-six […]