Arch Alley is making great progress!

Arch Alley is the name given to the alley on the north side of Jefferson’s downtown square.  Recently, artist David Williamson has been working with students in the Greene County Community Schools to get their ideas for one of the three arches.  David attended classes from Kevin Richard’s 4th grade art classes and then returned to show them how their ideas will be melted with the portable foundry.  These images will be welded to the arch the students have been a part of.  David was very impressed with the ideas of the students.

The Tower View Team took a field trip on May 25 to David Williamson’s studio near Ogden.  They saw the progress that David and Marc McGinn have made each Monday as they work on this project.  There were several decisions that needed to be made by the group too about the placement of the three arches.  The bases for each of the arches have been laid out in the alley space.

Arch Alley received a Grow Greene County grant in 2018 along with financial support from Home State Bank.  Several classes have made donations to the alley for benches.  A Greene County Community Foundation grant was received towards a plaque with a community poem that will be installed in the alley.


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