Christmas decorations in downtown

New holiday decorations were purchased last spring and are being installed by Jefferson’s streets crew.  The Design Team of Jefferson Matters: Main Street researched the possibilities with a budget from the City in mind.  The Joy in Jefferson banners have snowflakes on them and are able to stay up through the winter months after Christmas.  Design members visited with other communities who have been happy with their snowflakes.

Two different snowflake designs were decided upon and will be placed on the 32 lampposts that surround the interior and exterior of the square.  The Joy in Jefferson banners will be hung on the perimeter of the square.  The Greene County Supervisors are working on new banners for the interior of the square to replace the Courthouse 100 and Mahanay Tower 50th anniversary banners.

The Design Team also switched out the twelve pillar planters and eights sets of cluster planters from the fall deco to winter greenery.

The Promotion Team worked with Thomas Jefferson Gardens to add more decorations for the Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 5 and to remain through the holidays.  See more info on the Dec. 5 event in another story.