Reunion Rendezvous at Bell Tower Festival #ItsabigDeal

Jefferson Matters: Main Street’s board decided to get involved in welcoming the many class reunions to the Bell Tower Festival with a new event that hopes to highlight our beautiful downtown.  Amy Milligan is chairing the Reunion Rendezvous #It’sabigDeal event along with Shannon Black, Lisa Turner, Angie Gingery, Bonnie Silbaugh, Ian Wilkinson, Annie Ostendorf,  Tracy Deal and Peg Raney. This group is working closely with Dr. Philip Heisterkamp and Bridgette Heisterkamp as they chair the entertainment for the festival.

The Heisterkamps are planning a block party on Friday night along Lincoln Way called “Downtown at Sundown” with live entertainment on the Lincoln Way stage and activities for families as they get into town for the festival.

On Saturday, the class reunions are encouraged to ride in the parade and have their families enjoy the annual parade organized by the Rotary Club of Jefferson.

Reunion Rendezvous #ItsabigDeal is next!  Amy Milligan reports she has a “rock-star” task force coordinating this event to be held immediately after the parade from 12:30 – 3 pm.   The parade has such a great attendance, and this event hopes to draw  those classmates and their families back to the downtown to continue the reminiscing and celebrating.

The Reunion Rendezvous will be located on the north side of the courthouse under the shade trees.  Some large tables and chairs will be available for people to get their lunches from the many vendors and enjoy time downtown. People are also invited to bring their lawn chairs and blankets from the parade too.  There is no cost for this event.

The popular Deal’s Hard Cider will be available for purchase along with a chance for tasting.  The committee is offering 4 of the hard cider drinks during the event. This is a great chance to try a local beverage being served around the state. A wristband is required with an ID and tickets available at the Bell Tower Brew Station located at the corner of Lincoln Way & Chestnut.  The hard cider will be available to purchase with tickets at a booth on the north side of the square.  #ItsabigDeal

Live music will be performed during this event.

Main Street volunteers will be available to greet visitors and share news of the downtown progress. Swag bags for visitors and info on available buildings in the downtown will be at this area.

With live music, good food, friends and family, this task force feels the Reunion Rendezvous is sure to become a Bell Tower Festival tradition.

An open concept for the alcohol is being explored by the Bell Tower Festival committee with wristbands and purchases available within the block of the downtown square.  Alcohol will not be permitted outside of the designated area.  The evening entertainment will also be on the Lincoln Way stage.  The festival committee feels this is a more inviting atmosphere and use of our beautiful downtown similar to what was experienced at RAGBRAI in 2018.