Ready for spring

The Design Committee has worked with the City to order beautiful flowers for the pillar planters.  A group of ten volunteers planted the pansies in the twelve planters.  They will be getting the hanging baskets ready after Memorial Day to add more color for the summer.

There were 12 more spring banners purchased this year so now they go all around the perimeter of the Square.

Both of these projects are part of the City’s beautification projects using Grow Greene County funds and organized by volunteers of Jefferson Matters: Main Street.

Getting ready for RAGBRAI overnight in Jefferson

RAGBRAI Jefferson 2018 has been kicked off with the logo reveal on April 23. Highway to Bells is the theme for the large committee working on the overnight stay.  Jefferson’s t-shirts are available at ShineOn designs with Mondays as a designated day to wear them since Jefferson will host RAGBRAI on Monday, July 23.

A Town Hall mtg. for all interested in the plans will be held on Monday, May 21 at 5-7 pm at City Hall. The committees will share plans and answer questions.

Contact email addresses are now available:;;

The website is also live now:

The fourth public piano for the Tower View Team has a RAGBRAI theme with Tony Sims as the artist. Tony unveiled the piano on April 23 saying that RAGBRAI was about the people, so he chose to paint recognizable faces. This piano will be available in early June near the Mahanay Bell Tower for the public to enjoy.


Grant to Tower View Team for Arch Alley

Tower View Team grant for Arch Alley – The Tower View Team appreciated receiving $52,425 towards their Arch Alley project from Grow Greene County Gaming Corp on April 3. The grant had matching funds from Jefferson Matters: Main Street and Home State Bank. Other fundraising efforts are in the works with opportunities to give during the Party in the Alley on June 1 and during the Bell Tower Festival on June 8 & 9. The north alley will involve students, the community and the Tower View Team volunteers as they collaborate with David Williamson serving as the facilitator. Congratulations!

Mini-grants co-sponsored with Rotary Club

Spring is a great time for improvements and the Jefferson Rotary Club is partnering with Jefferson Matters: Main Street to make these possible. $2,000 was budgeted for these mini-grants but with Rotary funds, another $2,000 is available. Two different grant applications are offered to downtown building owners for up to $500 each. The Building Façade Mini-grant is for façade improvements for up to $500. These can include paint, window & door replacement or the removal of non-conforming elements. The Storefront Signage mini-grant is a matching grant for up to $500. This is a 50/50 match for new wall mount and projecting signage on the exterior of the business. Both mini-grants have the applications that need to be submitted and the design work would need to be approved prior to the work being done by the committee in order to be funded and as funds are available. Main Street Iowa offers free design assistance in both areas with an onsite visit available to discuss the needs of the business. Six building owners participated in storefront signage visits with Design Consultant Maia Jessen in March.

These two downtown businesses utilized these services and were awarded mini-grants. The Printer’s Box received $500 toward the purchase of their new exterior door that will be painted red. Unger Insurance received $445 as a match for their signage that will be installed soon. Unger’s used the Design Assistance suggestions from Main Street Iowa for their signage plans.

For more info, contact Peg at the office or look on the JM:MS website under Resources. A number of hand-outs on these topics are also available.

Think OUTSIDE the Box presentation

Think Outside the Box Presentation

Local florists Bonnie Silbaugh and Karen Lawton shared ideas for making the exterior of businesses attractive to customers.  Plants and flowers for each season – both real and artificial, signage, and other suggestions to continue to make our businesses stand out as welcoming were shared.  Take a look at their presentation and feel free to talk to either for ideas for your business.

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