Design Assistance Conceptuals from Main Street Iowa

Since Jefferson is a Main Street community, we have access to Design Consultants through Main Street Iowa to meet with building owners in the Main Street District to develop a conceptual for designs.  Many building owners used these free conceptual designs to help make plans for the CDBG façade rehabilitation project of 2017.  Now building owners are interested in the City of Jefferson’s plan of a 50/50 match for historic preservation using these conceptual designs.

Here are conceptual designs that have been completed at no cost to the building owners.  Cost for something similar would be approximately $550 each.

Art on the Fly conceptual

Air Temp Concept

Hearing Unlimited conceptual design

Habitat for Humanity conceptual

The Apothecary conceptual design

Arcade 1, 2, 3 conceptual design

City View on State 1 conceptual design

City View on State 2 conceptual design

Homestead conceptual

Spare Time Lanes Conceptual

Fudge’s Flowers conceptual

Muir Embroidery conceptual

Linda’s Fashions (Addie’s) conceptual

The Bee & Herald conceptual

Masonic Lodge conceptual

Royal Jewelers conceptual

Greene County Abstract conceptual

Crafted conceptual

RVP~1875 conceptual

Don’s Ace conceptual

111 E. Lincoln Way (Kendall Bldg.) conceptual

Stadium conceptual

Unger Insurance conceptual