Doc’s Alley Looks Great!

Doc's Alley before Chris & SusanDoc's alley before

Doc’s Alley had a major make-over as Jefferson Matters: Main Street volunteers worked to scrape, calk and paint the side walls of Doc’s Stadium and Access Systems.  The fence was moved back 10 feet to accommodate parking of bicycles.  The only access to Doc’s Alley is through Doc’s Stadium.  Brett Cranston, owner of Doc’s got the large palm tree and umbrellas to add some interest in the area.  He has speakers for music or to listen to ballgames.  Main Street volunteers plan to add more bike-related pieces to particularly draw bikers to downtown Jefferson.  Brett was pleased with the results and appreciated the time and efforts of the Main Street volunteers.  This project was headed up by Chris Heisterkamp and Susan Fray and members of the Design Committee of Jefferson Matters: Main Street.

Doc's Alley finishedDoc's Alley (finish paint)

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