Existing Business Growth Mini-Grant Application Matching up to $500

Local shopping has never been more important. Local retailers have gone above and beyond to meet the needs and wants of local consumers. New
customers are being connected to local businesses, and existing customers are happy to be shopping and supporting local. Is there a product or service that is not easily available in our local economy that you would like to introduce in your business? Maybe it’s men’s clothing, maybe it’s sporting
goods line, or maybe it’s children’s toys. These are just some off the examples from the research and data collected in Jefferson that represents some of the wants and needs of the community members. A full list from the ESRI data collected is available from the Jefferson Matters: Main Street office. This is one tool that the committee will use when deciding whether or not to provide funds. The goal of this mini-grant is to help take some of the  financial fear away from introducing a new product. This grant program is to assist business owners in the Main Street District financially to diversify and grow product lines based on ESRI data and demand of product. While we know that every single product cannot be available locally, we want to assist in providing the products and services that we can in our community. It is important that we invest in YOU, our local businessperson. Click this link for application: Existing Business Growth Mini-Grant Application 2020._

Invest in Main Street
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