Family Feud~Jefferson Edition

Another hilariously successful Family Feud~Jefferson Edition was held on April 13 at History Boy Theatre.  This 3rd annual fundraiser for Jefferson Matters: Main Street had four super “families” competing for the coveted traveling trophies.  Team Drink & Think came out on top with #PeoplesPeople in 2nd Place.  GCE Super Teachers and Greiner’s Percussion Pods were great participants as well.  Game show host David Hoyt engaged the teams and crowd with lots of laughs.  Kevin Paulsen acted as the Rule Enforcer with his referee gear.  Four live commercials were performed by History Boy actors for Jefferson Iowa  Realty, Greater Life Chiropractic, Tech Zone and Sensibly Chic.  A social time with great food from Jefferson eateries was enjoyed during the social time and intermission.  Many thanks to Main Street’s Organization committee for coordinating this event!