Flower Power Plan

The Design Team coordinates with the City to plant the 12 pillar planters, 8 sets of cluster planters and the 32 hanging baskets for each season.  The decision has been made to not plant for spring, but go directly into summer with petunias, sweet potato vines and marigolds.  This will bring more color and life to the downtown area and hopefully uplift the spirits of the residents.

In order to continue with social distancing, volunteers who would be willing to help are asked to partner with one person they feel comfortable with and “adopt” pillar planters and the cluster planters to plant on Tuesday May 12.  The plants would be set beside each planter or set of planters early that morning and ready to plant anytime between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Chairs Karen Lawton & Kathy Milligan along with Bonnie Silbaugh will plant an example to view.

We have a number of volunteers who have helped in the past but there may be some who are not able at this time.  We encourage anyone who has a half hour of time to let the Main Street office know by emailing director@jeffersonmatters.org or calling 515-386-3585 with your name and email address.  We will get you on the list so you can choose your planter.