Flower Power volunteers invited!

The Design Team takes care of the 12 pillar planters, 24 cluster planters and 32 hanging baskets that provide so much beauty to our downtown.  The season of winter evergreens is coming to a close.  In early March, plans are to remove the greenery to make way for spring.

The Design Team is working with local downtown florist Bonnie Silbaugh of Fudge’s Flowers to order pussy willows and silk forsythia to usher in the warmer weather.  Volunteers take care of all of the plantings and are called Flower Power volunteers.  Once the date is determined, an email goes out to all and people meet to make this happen under the supervision of the Design Team’s planter chairpeople Karen Lawton and Kathy Milligan.

In mid-May volunteers will also be invited to help plant the planters and hanging baskets with petunias and sweet potato vines.  Please let Peg Raney know if you’d like to be included on this volunteer list.  Email her at director@jeffersonmatters.org