Flower Power volunteers


Do you love the pillar planters and the cluster planters around the downtown?  Would you like to be involved with arranging or planting them?  The Flower Power volunteer list would be perfect for you!

These planters are changed for every season under the direction of Design chairperson Karen Lawton, and other talented friends Kathy Milligan and Bonnie Silbaugh.  Everything is ordered through Fudge’s Flowers in our downtown.  Once a designated morning is determined, an email goes out through the Main Street Office inviting people to meet downtown to switch out the planters.

If you are interested in being on that Flower Power list – please email Peg at director@jeffersonmatters.org and watch for emails from her in mid-November to switch to evergreens for the holidays.  With around a dozen helpers, this project takes less than 2 hours.