Getting ready for RAGBRAI overnight in Jefferson

RAGBRAI Jefferson 2018 has been kicked off with the logo reveal on April 23. Highway to Bells is the theme for the large committee working on the overnight stay.  Jefferson’s t-shirts are available at ShineOn designs with Mondays as a designated day to wear them since Jefferson will host RAGBRAI on Monday, July 23.

A Town Hall mtg. for all interested in the plans will be held on Monday, May 21 at 5-7 pm at City Hall. The committees will share plans and answer questions.

Contact email addresses are now available:;;

The website is also live now:

The fourth public piano for the Tower View Team has a RAGBRAI theme with Tony Sims as the artist. Tony unveiled the piano on April 23 saying that RAGBRAI was about the people, so he chose to paint recognizable faces. This piano will be available in early June near the Mahanay Bell Tower for the public to enjoy.


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