Greene Co. Elementary School is planning a “Teacher Tour” Friday, May 29.

The Teacher Tour will start in Scranton at 4:00 PM, then Jefferson at 4:30, followed by Grand Junction at 5:55 and finishing in Rippey at 6:30.  These times are approximate. We will try to stay as close as we can to this schedule. Here are some important expectations that students and community members will need to follow during the Teacher Tour in order to be safe and set good examples for our children.

School staff will not be able to stop and talk.  We can wave and honk our horns, though Please do not approach the cars.  You can stand on your porch, in your yard, in your driveway, or on the sidewalk to wave at your teachers. Do not meet as a group or stand together-please remember to practice safe social distancing! If students and community members would like to make a sign and wave, we would love to see the excitement from you as well!!

We have mapped out the routes to hit as many students as possible. Please click the link below to view the planned routes. We are unable to hit all of the addresses, but have areas designated for those that are not on the route to be able to participate. Both of the high school parking lots will be available for parking and participating. There will be no rain date!

****This is not a school/district-sponsored event or activity; this is organized by a group of individuals who work together for the sake of our students and community.****

Teacher Tour Route: Tour.pdf