Hanging Baskets in Downtown Jefferson

hanging basket workers (1)

Thank you to all of the volunteers in helping to plant those beautiful hanging baskets this morning.  With 15 adults and one small child, we had all 32 baskets planted in 1 hour!  The purple petunias and sweet potato vines are gorgeous, and we know the City Crew will be receiving lots of compliments as they hang them alongside the American flags.   It is a little bit of Americana right here in Jefferson.  Here are several pics of the work crew, but we missed Roger Aegerter and Pete Russell in in it.

Jean Walker made all of the arrangements again this year, and we were sorry she couldn’t be there, but her work is very much appreciated.  This is the second year of this project of Jefferson Matters: Main Street and City of Jefferson.  Thanks for making Jefferson a beautiful place to be!

hanging basket workers (2) hanging basket workers (3) hanging basket workers (4) hanging baskets



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