Iowa Great Place application submitted

logo for Iowa Great PlaceThe Iowa Great Place designation has been a goal of Jefferson Matters: Main Street along with other organizations in Greene County.  The groups worked together to learn about this process and decided that Greene County would be the best designation.  Greene County Development Corporation is the applicant supported by Main Street, Greene County Chamber & Tourism and Thomas Jefferson Gardens.  Lauren Subler of Region XII Council of Governments worked with the entities to write the narrative, collect the letters of support and samples of media files needed for the May 1 application deadline.  Once the Iowa Great Place committee convenes, they can contact the community to schedule an on-site visit.

This designation is for a 5 yr. period with the opportunity to submit an application for funding on projects.  Only one project will be funded in the 5 yr. period.  A visioning process was required and the Vision 2020 project has quite a few great projects that would be terrific to submit.