Jefferson Matters: Main Street ‘Firing On All Cylinders’

Jefferson Matters: Main Street is moving forward in its “officially” opened office, with more members now serving on its board of directors and committees. Office hours have been established and the program is receiving ongoing support from Main Street Iowa.

“We are firing on all cylinders now with the new office open daily under the guidance of our program director and with our committees meeting regularly,” said Chris Henning, president, Jefferson Matters: Main Street board of directors. “Our board has done a magnificent job of reaching out to the community to bring talented and committed Jefferson residents to our organization.”

A milestone was marked last month when renovation project of the JM:MS office at 110 West Lincoln Way was completed. A come-and-go, open house “shower” with guests bringing office supply gifts was held Sunday, Oct. 28. The following day, Monday, Oct. 29, the Greene County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors held an official ribbon cutting as they welcomed JM:MS to the local business community.

Office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. each weekday. Alan Robinson, program director, is available to meet with area business owners, building owners and residents with questions about the JM:MS program during those hours. He is available by appointment at other times. He can be reached by phone at 515-386-3585 or email at He will be making visits to businesses in the downtown district each afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m.


Jefferson Matters: Main Street is now supported by a board of 15 members. New members are Bob Smith, Deb McGinn, Pete Russell and Karen Younie. In addition to Henning, executive committee officers are Jamie Daubendiek, vice president; Carol Ahrenholtz, secretary; Amy Milligan, treasurer; and Nancy Teusch, past president. Other board members are Reagan Osborne, Jody Lang, Craig Berry, Mike Palmer, Ben Yoder (ex-officio) and Michael Cooley (ex-officio).

The four JM:MS committees are now up and running with a chair designated for each: Organization—Jody Lang and Lisa Turner (co-chairs); Design—Reagan Osborne, chair; Promotion—Pete Russell; and Business Improvement—Bob Smith. New members are being added to the roster of each committee as the program moves forward.


Main Street Iowa conducted a day-long Progress Visit with the JM:MS board, staff and committee members on Oct. 24. Darlene Strachan, assistant state coordinator, Main Street Iowa, spent the day in Jefferson meeting with committee members, representatives of the city of Jefferson and the program director. She sat in on the JM:MS regular board meeting and outlined for the group the process of next year’s two-day Progress Visit from Main Street Iowa, which is scheduled for October 2013. Strachan’s role throughout the day was to assess the progress of the JM:MS program and provide feedback for improving and strengthening the program.

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