Doreen Wilber Olympic Plaza

Doreen Wilber exemplifies an ordinary person who did extraordinary things. The inspiration and contribution made by one life can motivate everyone to make a difference in the world. Doreen (Hansen) Wilber was born in Rutland, IA and graduated from Jefferson High School in 1948. Doreen learned archery as an adult when her husband, Paul “Skeeter” Wilber, a local mechanic shop owner, received a bow and a set of arrows as payment for an auto repair bill. Without professional coaching or commercial sponsorship, she made it to the top of amateur archery. Skeeter gave Doreen instruction and was her only coach. Doreen was a natural archer, physically strong and displayed amazing concentration. Daily she committed to the discipline, focus, and practice of her sport. A great competitor with outstanding sportsmanship, she would take archery supplies to international opponents that had trouble getting them… even her fiercest competitors. Doreen was the first Iowa woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal. She was the Olympic Gold Medalist in Archery, Munich, Germany, 1972, setting two World records.