Jefferson – Technology Community of the Year

Jefferson, Iowa has won the award for Technology Community of the Year!  The finalists were named in early March with plans for a Gala event in April.  A virtual event was then planned for this week with each finalist asked to submit a short video.

Thanks to all involved in this application and video – Peg Raney with Jefferson Matters: Main Street, Nick Sorensen with City of Jefferson, Ken Paxton with Greene County Development Corporation, Jamie Daubendiek with Jefferson Telecom, Linc Kroeger with The Forge, Chris Deal, Tim Christensen with Greene County Community Schools, Iowa Central Community College, and Sean Sebourn with Sebourn Video Services.

We appreciate the support with Kevin Scott of Microsoft, Allen Blue of LinkedIn and Ro Khanna for the words of support for our rural community.

This recognition will certainly put Jefferson in the forefront when technology companies are looking for a place to locate and families who would like their children to have the opportunities offered here.  Congratulations to all!  #PrometheusWeek

Video of Award Presentation: Day 3 Prometheus Awards including Technology Community of the Year

Here is the background of the Prometheus Awards:

The most prestigious recognition for Iowa’s technology industry, The Prometheus Awards presented by LWBJ celebrates leaders from technology, business, education and government for the year’s most momentous innovations. The awards acknowledge individuals and companies impacting Iowa’s over $10 billion technology industry, which accounts for almost six percent of the state’s total economy and employs over 92,000 workers. Finalists and award winners epitomize great talent, solidifying Iowa’s reputation as a technology state.