Letters to Santa

Santa Claus will be leaving a special mailbox for children to drop off letters to him before Christmas.

Santa’s Mailbox will be positioned near the entrance of the Welcome Center in the Thomas Jefferson Gardens on Dec. 1.  Children are invited to write their wishes and thoughts for Santa from December 1 through December 15.  The children can expect a letter back from Santa if they include a return address and the letter is dropped off prior by Dec. 15.   Because the letters are hand delivered, they don’t even need a stamp!

Those attending the Christmas Tree Lighting in the Thomas Jefferson Gardens on Thursday, December 5 may want to bring their letters with them.  Even though the kids can visit personally with Santa at the Bell Tower that evening, it is best to have the requests in writing for Santa to get on his list. The Christmas Team is overjoyed to offer this personal service for Santa this year and hope it will continue for years to come.

Angie Reese-Hueser is the chairperson of the Christmas Team and can be contacted for questions about Letters to Santa or to volunteer for the Christmas events.  This Team is made up of members of Thomas Jefferson Gardens, Jefferson Matters: Main Street, Friends of the Library and Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce.