Main Street Design Consultant in Jefferson on June 18

Several buildings were viewed in Jefferson taking advantage of the free consultation available through Main Street Iowa.  Design Consultant Tim Reinders spent the day on June 18 visiting one-on-one with building owners on their needs and thoughts on the exterior and interior spaces.  With Tim’s experience of over 30 years with Main Street Iowa, he has worked with communities of all sizes and has suggestions to offer that are practical and realistic.  He will work on conceptual designs for each of the building owners which they can use to visualize and work with contractors on renovations or remodels.

Those participating in the visit on June 18 were Uptown Cafe with Ora Stevens, Amanda Bills with a new business & apartments going into Ace Hardware, and two buildings that the City of Jefferson has acquired.  Nick Sorensen has worked with Tim on many projects so Tim really has a feel of what the City has for a goal for these buildings.

When the Main Street Design consultants are involved, they look at old pictures to get an idea of what is behind the current facade and make recommendations.  These old photos of Uptown Cafe along with the current one are very helpful.