Main Street Exchange with Story City

Main Street Iowa has developed a new program for 2019 by matching up two Main Street communities to do an exchange.  The goal is to focus on the district’s aesthetics, build partnerships between Main Street communities and engage leaders in a new way.  This exchange will provide an unbiased insight from visitors’ perspectives with impression of a potential business or resident.  It will offer constructive feedback on customer service skills from anonymous parties.

  • A mix of individuals – occupations, ages, and genders are invited to participate. City staff, elected officials, local business owns and tourism reps are invited to go on the visit.  A minimum of 10 people are asked to be involved.
  • The dates of Wednesday, May 8 and Saturday, May 11 have been identified for Jefferson people to go to Story City. If you are interested, please contact Peg at the Main Street office.
  • Those participating are asked to research Story City prior to the visit and respond to questions on the on-line assessment too.

Story City will have volunteers visit Jefferson and provide the same feedback.  The survey results will be sent to the Executive Directors of Jefferson and Story City to share with their partner community.

The goal is to determine 3-5 concrete implementation steps from this visit.