Main Street Iowa Award nominations



Terrific Total Building Rehabilitation (inside and out) – The Jefferson Forge

Excellent Exterior Rehabilitation – The Jefferson Forge

Superior Interior Rehabilitation (main and/or upper floor(s)) – The Jefferson Forge

Outstanding Residential Project – Prairie Lakes AEA apartment with GCHS Construction Class

Best Beautification Project (district-wide) –  Cluster Planters

Fantastic Fundraiser (activity or campaign to raise funds for the local Main Street program) – Investment Drive 2018 with Jeff from Jefferson

Remarkable Retail Promotion – Chews Jefferson

Exceptional Special Event – Art on the Square

Outstanding Image Activity (e.g. marketing, advertising or social media for the organization) – Jeff from Jefferson 

Partner of the Year (an organization) – City of Jefferson

Business of the Year (for-profit business) – Jefferson Telecom

Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty (small project that made a big difference) – Scarecrow Invasion~Movie Edition

Game Changer (project or activity that changed the dynamic of the district in a powerful manner) – The Jefferson Forge locating to downtown Jefferson while working with ICCC & DMACC on classes for students in technology. 

2020 MSI Awards Guidelines

Overview of the 2020 MSI Awards

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