Design Assistance Resources for District Buildings

Main Street Iowa design consultants Tim Reinders and Maia Jessen have updated their handouts on a number of topics regarding downtown revitalization. These easy-to-understand sheets explain the most recent information on historical preservation for the buildings in our Main Street District.

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[PDF] Awnings

[PDF] Wood epoxy

[PDF] Window displays

[PDF] Wall-signs

[PDF] Visual-merchandising

[PDF] Transom-windows

[PDF] Transom-signs

[PDF] Tax-credits-federal

[PDF] Structural-glass

[PDF] Storefronts

[PDF] Slipcovers

[PDF] Signs

[PDF] Photography

[PDF] Parking layout

[PDF] Parking analysis

[PDF] Paint

[PDF] Neon signs

[PDF] Metal ceilings

[PDF] Logos and branding

[PDF] Historic research

[PDF] Flooring

[PDF] Cornices