Main Street Minute Videos

We want you to get to know our Main Street business owners.

J & K Redemption Center at 222 E Lincoln Way.  Call Janie at 515-370-0917.

Head & Body Masters at 115 E. Lincoln Way.  Call Brenda at 515-386-8331.

Royal Jewelers at 112 N. Wilson.  Call Steve at 515-386-4216.

Fudge’s Flowers & Gifts at 120 E. State.  Call Bonnie at 515-386-3012.

Bunkers Dunkers at 119 N Chestnut.  Call Phyllis at 515-386-3221.

Heart and Solutions at 216 N Wilson.  Call Ashley at 1-800-531-4236.

The Jefferson Bee & Herald at 200 N Wilson.  Call Andy at 515-386-4161.

Catherine’s Hairem at 223 S Wilson.  Call Catherine at 515-386-2610.

the Stitch at 217 E Lincoln Way.  Call 515-386-2014.

Jefferson Telecom at 105 W Harrison.  Call 515-386-4141.

Meythaler’s Photography at 122 E. State.  Call Dan at 515-386-2815.

The Printer’s Box at 107 E Lincoln Way.  Call Jean or Darla at 515-386-2613.