Mini-Bell Towers for 2020

Tri-County Lumber’s tower with artist Veda Sword
Jefferson Telecom’s tower with artist Tony Sims
Peoples Bank with artist Matt Wetrich
McGinns with Tony Sims artist

The Tower View Team has built another four mini-bell towers for display beginning in May of 2020.  Businesses, organizations, or individuals can sponsor one of these towers for $300.  The sponsor is also responsible for negotiation of a price with an artist as well as discussion of the artwork and will pay the artist directly.  The Tower View Team will provide a list of artists who may be interested.

The mini tower will be delivered to the sponsor or to the artist. The finished tower is to be delivered to one of the four locations on the square by May 15, 2020 and left for the year.  The tower will be returned to the sponsor so would be a great piece of artwork at any other location.

Roger Aegerter and Debra McGinn are the co-chairs of this project.  Marc McGinn designed and built the mini-bell towers.  This project has added another reason for people to visit Jefferson.  2020 will be the second year for this public art project.

For more information on being a sponsor, contact the Main Street office at 110 W Lincoln Way or email  You may also contact Roger or Deb directly to reserve your tower.

Mini-bell tower sponsorships 2020

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