Mini-Bell Towers project 2019

Four mini-bell towers have been constructed by Main Street volunteer Marc McGinn this winter.  These towers were quickly purchased by four local businesses:  Peoples Bank, Jefferson Telecom,  Tri-County Lumber and the McGinn Family.   Local artists have been contracted by these businesses/family to paint them.

  • Tony Sims
  • Matt Wetrich
  • Veda Sword

The mini-bell towers will be placed between the pillar planters on each side of the downtown square by May 15.  They will remain throughout the summer as another artistic attraction to the downtown.  Following the project, the businesses will be able to keep their mini-bell tower.

This is a project of the Tower View Team and led by Debra McGinn and Roger Aegerter.


The four businesses and local artists are:

  • Jefferson Telecom with artist Tony Sims painting
  • Peoples Bank with artist Matt Wetrich painting
  • Tri-County Lumber with artist Veda Sword painting
  • Marc & Debra McGinn and Andrew, Amy & Henry McGinn with artist Tony Sims painting