Music Straight From the Heart

A fourth rooftop art piece is in progress with Sheryl & Lee Sloan working with local artist Curt Nelson to paint a mural depicting Sheri’s love of music.  The Sloans own the building where John’s Appliance is located on Wilson in Jefferson.  The treble cleff with keyboard will be called “Music Straight From the Heart”.  Curt is assisted by a former student artist Aaron Wendell.

Nelson is painting directly on the roof with the artwork of Nichole Schilling beside it.  Her piece is called, “Wild Woman on the Roof”.  These projects have been initiated by the Tower View Team, a committee of Jefferson Matters: Main Street.  This group of volunteers has a passion for the arts and wants to draw people to the Mahanay Bell Tower with art is surprising places – like a rooftop.  The only way a person can view this art is by riding the elevator to the Paul Nally Observation Deck and look out the windows.

The Mahanay Bell Tower is open daily from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Adults over 18 are $3 and kids 18 & under are free courtesy of HyVee of Jefferson.