Partnership Visit report from Story City

Main Street Iowa state staff paired Jefferson and Story City for a partnership visit for 2019.  In May, both communities sent volunteers to visit the other communities for the day.  Each visitor submited impressions about information prior to the visit and then during the visit.  Main Street Iowa collated the results.

In August, the directors from each community will share reports from the online impressions with the partnering community.  Jefferson Matters: Main Street invites volunteers from the committees, city council members and city officials to attend the meeting on Tuesday, August 20 at the Main Street office at 9:30 am.  Jay Wilson of Story City Greater Chamber Connection gave the report to a group of Main Street board members, City Council members, Mayor Craig Berry, and City staff members.

Ten visitors from Story City came to Jefferson.  The following is the results of their surveys prior to and following their visit.

Jefferson data from Story City visitors

Peg Raney presented to the Story City Board on Wednesday, August 21 in Story City.