Pedal Jefferson signs available

Pedal JeffersonBusinesses in Jefferson are encouraged to show their bike friendliness by posting a Pedal Jefferson sign in their window.  This sign was designed by Pedal Perry with lots of success.  Jefferson Matters: Main Street, Chamber of Commerce and Cyclists of Greene sponsored a Business After Hours featuring Jay Hartz of Hotel Pattee and Bob Wilson of the Perry Chamber of Commerce.  They shared many ideas and a poly 18″ X 12″ sign that businesses have posted.  Each sign has 4 icons with amenities they can offer to visiting cyclists.  Everyone could offer Visitor Info and perhaps some would even look into offering wifi or filling water bottles.  Pedal Perry is also working with other communities up and down the Raccoon Valley River Bike Trail so cyclists will recognize and look for this sign.  Businesses will also be located on the website that is in the works.

These are great ways to get cyclists into your store to see what you offer.  Jay & Bob spoke of cyclists shopping in stores such as the guitar shop and having a new guitar shipped home, so don’t limit shopping to what can be carried on their bikes.  This is a great opportunity for more shopping traffic into businesses.

See the ordering information for the Pedal Jefferson sign below and return it with a check to the Chamber of Commerce office at 220 N. Wilson.  Cost is $29/sign.

Pedal Sign – Form