Prairie Lakes AEA and GCHS Construction class apartment

Greene County High School’s construction class partnered with Prairie Lakes AEA to design and build out an apartment on the top floor.  Prairie Lakes had committed $25,000 after a proposal by Colby Aspengren for a design for the upper story living option.  Greene County Development Corporation contributed $10,000 to the project and a Main Street Challenge Grant was submitted in 2017.  The project was awarded $35,500 and over the past two years, the students have worked on it during their class time.  Chad Morman was the construction instructor when it began and Kirk Davis was hired during the 2018 school year.  The design changed and was a learning experience for the students when working on a remodeling project.  Local contractors have worked on the apartment with the students and is coming to finish in late summer.  Prairie Lakes AEA owns this building and apartment and will be renting it out.

On July 24, Iowa Economic Development Authority officials and Main Street Iowa officials visited Jefferson with one of the stops being this project.  Several had seen the space before and were very impressed with the improvements.