Public Piano #5

The Tower View Team put out the call with several people offering a piano to be painted this year.  Thanks to Jolene Peters for the piano donation, Roger Aegerter for going to Carroll to load and delivering it to the Greene County High School.  Thanks to Nick Foster for the use of his trailer.

Chairpersons Shelly Berger and Lynda Cochran then contacted the Greene County High School art department to paint the piano this year.  These students have agreed to share their talents.

This is the fourth painted public piano in the downtown that is located by the Mahanay Bell Tower.  Visitors enjoy seeing the art and playing the piano.  The Bell Tower staff and the Tower View Team members take care of the piano throughout the summer- even through the weather elements.  The piano is usually unveiled in early June.

Kathy Hankel painted the first piano in 2015.







Amy Roberts and family painted the second piano in 2016.






Kay Magill painted a piano in memory of Kathy Hankel in 2017.








Tony Sims painted a piano with a RAGBRAI theme in 2018.






Greene County High School art students will paint the 2019 piano.