Students at Greene County High School created the amazing public piano for 2019.  When Tower View Team piano co-chairs Shelly Berger and Lynda Cochran contacted art teacher Sarah Stott, she enthusiastically said the students would love a community project like this.  The two ladies had no idea what to expect but knew it would be a fun way to involve these talented students.  The Tower View Team was excited when hearing about the RAM PRIDE theme of the piano but was pleasantly surprised with the out-of-the-box creativity of this project.  The piano looks like the RAM and when the keyboard is uncovered, the teeth even show!  Thanks to the many students involved.  The Tower View Team knows the piano will be another draw for visitors and residents to come downtown and visit the shops, restaurants, Mahanay Bell Tower, and other attractions of the area.  The public is invited to come to the Bell Tower Plaza and play the piano for the enjoyment of all.

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