Ring Out for Art sculptures have arrived

The three Ring Out for Art Sculptures have arrived and are displayed on the Bell Tower Plaza in downtown Jefferson.  This is a collaborative project of the Greene County Supervisors, Tower View Team and Home State Bank to provide unique sculptures for the public.  They will remain on display for the summer.  A voting process will be announced soon for the one sculpture to remain through November.

Blue Wings  created by artist Hilde DeBruyne  of Cumming, Iowa
“Blue Wings” is a contemporary sculpture, consisting of simple, streamlined shapes that are opening up and remind us of wings. It refers to the tremendous transformation a butterfly has to go through. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, because of their impressive process of metamorphosis.
By observing butterflies, we can relate to our own lives. Each of us transforms through multiple stages in our life: moments of growing pains, times of hunger and vulnerability followed by moments of tremendous energy, growth,wonder and amazement.
The artist would like to create an awareness for the decreasing butterfly population.



Lean In created by artist Tim Adams of  Webster City, Iowa
Lean In acknowledges the force and strength of not only Midwest prairie winds but daily winds that occur in everyone’s life. The illusion of the piece bending but not breaking in order to navigate and thrive in times of strong forces, mirrors the human quality of flexibility which allows us to navigate challenging winds in our lives.





Peggy created by artist Curt Swarm of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Peggy is named after Peggy Whitson, lowa’s first female astronaut. Peggy came from a farm in Mount Ayr, lowa. She baled plenty of hay growing up. The sculpture “Peggy” represents Peggy Whitson orbiting the earth baling hay. The outer circular piece is made from hay rake tines and it rotates. The center ring is made from the outer rim of a wooden wagon wheel. A fun Jefferson connection: Peggy Whitson is Dave Pedersen’s cousin.





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