Scarecrow Invasion ~Time Warp Edition

The Scarecrow Invasion in downtown Jefferson has been a creative and fun way to celebrate fall.  Businesses, organizations, and individuals can create a scarecrow representing any era or decade, placing them in locations around the square.

Ginny Showman is the chair this project of the Tower View Team of Jefferson Matters: Main Street.  She is been excited about the response from those making the scarecrows and the many people enjoying them.

There is a Facebook page called Scarecrow Invasion – Time Warp Edition that will have a poll for the public to vote.  The winner will receive a special trophy as the popular vote winner.

The scarecrows will soon be popping up and the plan is to keep them up for the entire month of October.  Here is the link to the gallery of the Jefferson scarecrows.

Scarecrow Invasion photo gallery