Spring downtown planters spring forward!

The Design committee coordinates with the City of Jefferson for the planting of the twelve pillar planters and the hanging baskets in the downtown.  Chairpeople on this project are Karen Lawton, Kathy Milligan, Bonnie Silbaugh and Mike Palmer.  The flowers and soil are all ordered through our downtown businesses Fudge’s Flowers and Ace Hardware.

Volunteers for the plantings are called “Flower Power” and we invite those wanting to spend an hour or so to help to get involved.  On Wed. May 15 at 9 a.m., volunteers will plant the 12 pillar planters and will meet by the Lincoln statue on the Square.  Karen Lawton shared that they would like to have 2 or 3 volunteers take a couple of planters and then circle back to dead-head or check on the planters throughout the summer months.  On Friday, May 17, volunteers will meet at the City Shed on Head Street to plant the 32 hanging baskets.  The City street crew will hang the baskets yet that day.

We are fortunate to have Jefferson’s City Crew to water all of the flowers early in the mornings.  City Administrator Mike Palmer and volunteers carry out the watering on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  If anyone would like to help with this project, please contact Mike or any of those on the Design committee.

Flowers will also be added beyond the downtown square with additional planters being fabricated by Olson IronWorks.  Design committee members Ann Ober and Deb Kucerak have worked on the locations of these planters.  When they are in place, another Flower Power session will be scheduled.

These flowers and plants continue to enhance the beauty of the downtown along with the seasonal banners.  The planters will continue to be filled for the fall and the winter by the volunteers.  This project is part of the City’s use of the Grow Greene County funds for downtown beautification projects.