Story City, here we come!

A group of volunteers will be part of an exchange visit with Story City, another Main Street community in central Iowa.  Jefferson volunteers will complete a pre-visit survey on information they find prior to the visit, their impressions during the visit and then follow-up questions.  This is the first time this type of exchange has been planned through Main Street Iowa.  Story City volunteers will be visiting Jefferson unannounced as well.

Prior to the visit, volunteers will conduct online research and describe the impression of the community.

Day of the visit, volunteers will be asked about use of their mobile device, entryways, wayfinding signage, residential areas, branding efforts, etc.

Volunteers will answer questions as they walk the Main Street District – is it pedestrian friendly, do they feel safe & secure, is visitor info easy to find, exterior appearance of buildings, window displays, variety of goods and services, what is missing, recommendations for businesses to other businesses, and overall friendliness and customer service.

Driving the district will have questions to answer – availability of parking, is it vibrant and active, streets, sidewalks, street furniture, architecture, signage, flowers/planters, and litter.

Follow-up observations – issues in need of immediate repair or maintenance, memorable characteristics, features or experiences; would they return did your impressions change?

This info will be gathered by the 10+ involved on the visit and shared with the communities involved.  We look forward to hearing how the Story City volunteers feel about downtown Jefferson.