Technology Community of the year nomination

Linc Kroeger of Accenture recommended that Jefferson be nominated for Technology Community of the Year through this organization.

The most prestigious recognition for Iowa’s technology industry, The Prometheus Awards presented by LWBJ brings together leaders from technology, business, education and government to celebrate the year’s most momentous innovations. The awards acknowledge individuals and companies impacting Iowa’s over $10 billion technology industry, which accounts for almost six percent of the state’s total economy and employs over 92,000 workers. Finalists and award winners epitomize great talent, solidifying Iowa’s reputation as a technology state.

“Since its debut 14 years ago, The Prometheus Awards has become the technology industry’s most prized honors,” said Brian Waller, President of TAI. “The only statewide awards ceremony to exclusively recognize Iowa technologists, these awards focus on the past year’s amazing achievements by technology organizations and their leadership. The awards are fundamental to the spirit and unity of Iowa’s technology community.”

Technology Community of the Year
Honors Iowa cities and regions that make great strides in preparing their community’s competitiveness for the 21st
century by using information and communication technology to improve quality of life, business, education, and
workforce. Nominated communities should demonstrate investments in infrastructure, support of local tech
companies and large users of technology, unique partnerships, and support of an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Points Item Description

  • 10 Overview:  Description of the community, overall accomplishments, mission/vision as it pertains to technology infrastructure, education, and workforce
  • 10 Community:  Value, Proposition, Uniqueness of community and main factors for success
  • 20 Business Impact:  2019 Capital investment in the state/community during the prior year and Industry growth from prior year
  • 50 Support of Tech in your Community
  • 2019 Investments in infrastructure, support of local companies that are large users or creators of technology, support of entrepreneurial activity, development of unique training in the tech sector and unique tech-focused partnerships in the community
  • 10 Community Leadership Competence and engagement of community leaders
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