Window Displays by volunteers

Buildings in the downtown have been spruced up with the creativity of Main Street volunteers.  A group from the Design committee will work on bringing the warm weather to the windows of City View on State (200 E State), the Apothecary (100 N Wilson), and Homestead ( 121 E Lincoln Way).  Their goal is to make it attractive for potential new businesses.  Please thank Mikki Schwarzkopf, Susan Fray, Becci Hamilton and Sandi Drewry for their work on this project.




Another group from the Promotion committee has permission from the Masons at 120 N Wilson to change out displays promoting our community.  Under the direction of Shirley Stapleton, the March window came in like a lion and hopefully will go out like a lamb.  Each month the window display changes with a lot of focus on shopping local. Other Promotion committee members are Lynda Cochran, Debra McGinn, Margaret Hamilton, Dianne Piepel, Angie Reese-Heuser, and Ian Wilkinson.

Thanks to all involved!

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