Flowers for downtown planted by volunteers


The Design Team works closely with the City of Jefferson to provide beautiful plants to add seasonal beauty to the downtown.  This group created a plan to invite volunteers to help with the planting while social distancing and had 20 volunteers involved.  All of the plants were purchased through Fudge’s Flowers with Bonnie delivering all of the plants to each of the locations.  The City Crew dropped off a bag of soil to add.

The twelve pillar planters were planted on Tuesday, May 12 with petunias, marigolds, sweet potato vines and a center grass.  The eight sets of cluster planters had the same mix of plants with an added touch of forsythia.

The 32 hanging baskets were planted at the City Shed on Wednesday, May 13.  The City Crew filled the baskets with soil and the volunteers came in to plant them.  These will be hung by the City Crew who also takes care of watering the plants every day.

This partnership works so well.  Jefferson Matters: Main Street appreciates all of the volunteers involved and the City’s support.

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